The FREE LOTTO Dream eBook

Also included with this eBook is a LINK to the FREE Lottery Charm® Catalogue
Lotteries are drawn every day of the year! People win every day! Lotteries do not discriminate other than requiring players to be of legal age to play. If you have a serious dream of winning the lottery,The LOTTO Dream eBook can be download for FREE in minutes.
Ric Wallace ~ Luckologist / Multiple Lottery Winner / TLC’s The Lottery Changed My Life – Squirrel Millionaire shares tips for helping your create your own personalized LOTTO DREAM BOOK forFREE. Our blog is estimated to log over 2 million visitors by the end of this year since the site went online in 2009. We have seen many people searching for Lotto Dream eBooks, so we decided to create one, as we have lived the dream first hand and have lots of valuable tips.
Ric Wallace had a 2-year plan to win big on the lottery and he did it. He even wrote 3 ebooks to help plan your win. (Sorry, these ones are not for FREE – We have to cover the cost of this site.)

  1. 21 Lucky Lottery Tips for Selecting, Playing, and Winning Lotteries
  2. The Luckologist’s Guide for Creating, Tracking & Forecasting Your Luck (being revised)
  3. The Lotto Group Kit with printout lottery agreements and forms (being revised)
Ric Wallace has made newspapers & websites all over North America.
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A home builder has to complete many tasks like BLUE PRINTS or designing a house — line up permits, hire sub trades, get materials, etc before the home can be completed and the keys handed over to the home owner. Building a house as you go with things not lined up can be a disaster or building nightmare and in turn can cost thousands and a lot of aggravation.
Having a printable LOTTO Dream eBook means you can easily customize it to fit your dreams instead of trying to make your dreams fit a cookie-cutter book. Putting your dreams onto paper may help you turn a LOTTO DREAM into reality. Think of this as putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.
The Lotto Dream eBook can help you with life before and after a BIG LOTTO win. Many people have WON BIG and mismanaged their newfound fortune with out-of-control spending or handing out money to everyone who asks.
Dream Home Winner and author of The LOTTO Dream eBook, Ric Wallace was the first Canadian to be featured on TLC’s The Lottery Changed My Life – a US network show about various lottery winners. Click Here to see next air date for the Country Millionaire episode.